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For a lot of people a hot tub is something to be enjoyed in the summer then drained and closed down in the winter. But in my opinion the colder months of the year are the best time to use your tub!

During the winter, when the air temperature is colder, you can actually see your hot tub is hot. There is nothing better than sitting relaxing with a drink in your tub, watching the steam hitting the cold air, whilst your whole body is submerged in the bubbly hot water. In addition to the sheer pleasure of soaking in a hot tub whilst the snow is falling or its icy cold, all the health benefits of a hot tub are doubly appreciated in the colder months.

With colds, flu’s, aches and pains hitting us all with the change in the weather, there is nothing better than soaking in your tub. The steam unblocking your stuffy nose, the jets massaging aching muscles and the hot water warming you to your core.

Changing the traditions at Christmas and using your tub on Christmas Eve is a firm favorite in our house, watching ‘Santa’ fly across the sky before tucking the kids up in bed. Or spending New Years Eve admiring Fireworks from the nearby displays whilst keeping warm and relaxed. So remember our Hot Tubs are for all year round, not just the Summer!

UK Leisure Living provide a huge range of spas to suit everyone’s budget. Our extra thick covers keep the heat in on those cold months and this keeps your energy bills down. To talk about the best tub for you and your home, call the team on 08450 34 35 50 or email us sales@hottubsnorthwales.biz

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