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At last a swim spa for everyone and at a price to match, you wont be disappointed with the new Ultimate Elite party pool!


This 8 person 12ft swim spa is powered by three 5HP pumps and two power swim jets which provides the counter current for the swimmer. It also features an optional tether anchor with belt to add resistance for the advance swimmer.

On the spa end features two full body lounger seats for a complete all over body massage and six other seats will help sooth those aching muscles after a workout.

Invite your friends or family to come over and enjoy the full features of the party pool, surround LED lighting and music through the IPOD system with speakers. Its an experience they will never forget. So if you are looking for a smaller fully featured party swim spa and at a price that matches then the Elite Party Pool swim spa is the one for you!!

We believe this is the best value Swim Spa in the UK with the best warranty!

party pool
party pool

Party Pool Features

  • Seats 7/8 Adults
  • x2 Full Body Massage Seats
  • Bluetooth HiFi Sound System
  • LED Lighting
  • Cool Down Seat


Pump & Jetting System 

  • 57 Stainless Steel Water Portals
  • x3 3HP Viper Pumps
  • Aromatherapy Liquid Injectors
  • Feet and Hand Massage Jets


Party Pool Features  

  • 12ft 6″ x 7ft 6″ x 4ft 4′ (3.81m x 2.28m x 1.34m)
  • Illuminated Controls & Cup Holders
  • Anti-bacterial Protection (Microban)
  • Maintenance Free Cabinet
  • Swim Tether (Optional)
  • 5 Year Warranty


Heater & Filtration System 

  • Titanium Heater ( It Will Never Fail )
  • Programmable Filtration System

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