repairs servicing

Hot tub servicing & repairs in Cheshire and throughout North Wales

At UK Leisure Living we pride ourselves on giving the best service possible to our clients. Hot Tubs are mechanical items that can, and do go wrong, depending on age and condition. We have 2 Engineers on hand to assist our own clients and those who have owned a spa for a number of years purchased from companies with no support.


We have a great track record in repairing spas and hot tubs that other companies cannot. We have a simple and fair call out charge and hourly rate to make it easy for our clients. We do repair Chinese spas but cannot guarantee to be able to get the exact parts, making repairs more expensive.  Plus some Chinese spas are very poorly constructed and we don’t want to take liability for their construction.

Call 08450 34 35 50 today to book a full service or repair of your existing hot tub or swim spa in Cheshire and North Wales. Servicing starts from just £250+ VAT. 

repairs servicing

Our Repair work Include


Repairing Leaks

Replacing Top Side Controls

Fixing Lights

Replacement Covers

New Cover Lifters Fitted

Pump and Blower Replacements

Pack Replacements

Diverter Valves Replaced


repairs servicing

Servicing of Hot tubs & Swim Spas


We provide a 1st class service for hot tubs and swim spas across the region within 1hour drive of either of our depots. We have a thorough regime to ensure your hot tub is like new when we finish. We check everything from the cover, to the cabinet, to the pumps to looking for any potential leaks then finish off with a deep clean and spa refresh.

If you want your Hot Tub bringing back to life, call the team on 08450 34 35 50.

repairs servicing